4 social media trends to keep you ahead of the game 


You’re busy running your own business. There’s not much time to stay on top of all the latest changes in the world of social media.


Problem is – things are changing. ALL THE TIME. And to top it all, social media isn’t going anywhere. If anything, it’s becoming an even bigger marketing opportunity for businesses big and small.

So we’ve compiled a list of 4 important trends that you should look out for to stay on top of this ever-changing, fast-paced world in 2020. 

1. TREND 1: Short video formats like Stories are the way to go

Content that is only available for a short period of time, such as Snapchat and Instagram Stories, are gaining more popularity. Studies show that consumers want to experience information in a format that’s SHORT, temporary, addictive and engaging. This form of social media can keep an audience scrolling through Stories for hours.

TREND 2: Engagement online leads to sales (and a stronger reputation)

In 2020, a company/organisation’s digital reputation is increasingly important – AND increasingly fragile. Online engagement with your audience is vital – and the way you create engagement opportunities, as well as the way you respond to feedback have never been more important. Many consumers decide to buy your product/story when reading the comments you receive on social media. Therefore, encourage engagement that will positively reflect on your brand.

TREND 3: The end of the Instagram ‘like’ button

Instagram recently announced that it will remove the “like” button from the social media platform in 2020. (The trouble, according to Instagram, was that people were too focused on how many likes they got, and it took focus away from the photo). Instagram has said that you will still be able to see your likes, but not that of others. If you’re running your business’s Instagram account, take note of this change – and plan accordingly.

TREND 4: Video, video and more video

This may not be a new trend. But it’s still growing rapidly in 2020. A study undertaken by Cisco found that by 2022, 82% of all content on social media will be video content. Whether it’s a short clip, an Instastory that disappears, or a captivating documentary on Youtube – start attracting and engaging with your audience as soon as possible through video content.

It’s easy to get left behind in this world of constant digital changes. These 4 trends will help.


But a final tip is to set out an hour or 2 every few weeks to make sure you’re on top of any other social media changes that will affect your business – or that may provide a great online marketing opportunity for you.

Adrianne brings her content writing and graphic design skills to the LoveGreen team. She covers both the green and the brown – having worked in both the environmental and agricultural sectors. And she gets to enjoy this combo everyday, living on a glorious farm in the Overberg. 



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