DidYouKnow #1:

Cape Fur Seals can hold their breath for 8 minutes under water?

DidYouKnow #2:

They’re friendly, playful, inquisitive – and will share a moment or two with their human counterparts underwater?

DidYouKnow #3:

There’s a spot in Cape Town to snorkel with these incredible, graceful animals, which is completely safe, and loads of fun?

We discovered the Cape Town Bucket List adventures – and took to the ocean to experience snorkeling with seals.

So following a safety briefing at the Hout Bay Harbour, where the adventure starts with the Cape Town Bucket List team (Archie, Ian and Mel) we hopped into our wetsuits, and took the 10-minute boat ride out to Duiker Island.

The boat trip takes you past Dungeons – the famous big wave surfing destination (with wave swells of up to 14m recorded here on a ride that can last 300m).

And then into the channels where the seals frolick

It’s shallow around the island (around 2-5m), so is considered safe from passing sharks. But prepare for the moment you hit the water – it’s really chilly (it was 11.8 Degrees Celsius) when we hopped in.

Then of course, the chance to experience a secret world – connecting with Cape Fur Seals as they gracefully glide past you, over you, under you and around you.

They’re fun and playful and are as curious about us as we are about them.

You’re truly tough if you can last the full nearly 1 hour in the water with the seals (the cold water caught up with members of the LoveGreen team). Then some hot chocolate and cookies, and back to Hout Bay Harbour.

We love telling stories of our adventures. But in this case, it’s even better if we let the seals tell this story. Check it out.


Heather is our content writer. She enjoys helping our clients formulate their message and loves to run her way across beautiful mountains, to explore new places and is always ready for an adventure.

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