The 2022 digital trends we’re simply loving 


The ever-changing digital world spooks even the most seasoned blogger. Before you blink, everything’s gone and changed again. 


But we’re flipping this on its head in 2022.

The changes aren’t meant to get you down – instead this is the most exciting part. Now you have the chance to experiment, play around, get creative and connect with your audiences (or potential audiences) in a gripping new way through your communication channels.

So to help you plan for the year, we’ve highlighted some website, social media and content trends we’re excited about. They may offer you and your brand opportunities too.

Tina’s 3 website trends for 2022

1. Storytelling | Scrollytelling | Narrative visualization | Vertical Scrolling

is an increasingly popular way to use your website (and connected communication platforms) to tell detailed stories in a visual and captivating way – bringing the stories to life.

2. Horizontal Scrolling.

By using this feature, you can easily combine text and images, giving more details/secondary information, but keep the vertical flow clean and clear. Used on popular websites like Netflix, this is a user-friendly way of displaying content like portfolios, maps and products.

3. Eco-conscious style.

Consumers are becoming more eco-conscious all the time. And now you can even incorporate that “eco” look and feel into digital products. I’m seeing more brands catching on to this trend. This style reminds me of “cardboard and spray” — backgrounds are usually greyish to resemble a recyclable cardboard. Typography is minimal in style. The contrast is strong. Colours seem “dimmed” and soft. No cute 3D graphics this time — here you embrace real-life photography, real-life textures and doodles.

Adrianne’s 3 social media trends for 2022 –

1. Short, portrait videos remain on point.

Thanks to Instagram reels and stories, TikTok and now Youtube Shorts – this form of content creation generates massive engagement with your audience and can help you raise awareness of your message. Ten seconds is all you need. We’re glad this form of social media is staying strong in 2022.

2. Influencer marketing matures.

Throughout the pandemic, many of us were glued to our computers and cellphones. This gave rise to a group of “fresher” influencers, also known as micro-influencers. These are everyday people who have generated a following. We trust them and the brands they promote. So be sure to connect with influencers who make sense for your brand – without losing your brand authenticity.

3. #NoFilter feeds.

Gone are the days of big promotions and impressive, perfect advertising. You’ll see many brands going the more natural route on their newsfeeds, posting pictures on the go that aren’t perfectly curated. This will help deepen your relationships with your followers, as they actually believe what you’re “selling”. 

Heather’s 3 content trends for 2022

1. Personality-driven stories.

Storytelling is all the more powerful when we connect with the experiences portrayed. Tell stories that capture emotions and feelings – even if your story is not about people. Look at the success of the Green Planet series on the BBC. It tells stories that show plants in a whole new light – with needs, emotions and senses. It makes for gripping viewing.

2. It’s all about your community.

It doesn’t make sense to try to reach everyone. But it’s vital to KNOW your community, your tribe, and to speak directly to them. Make them feel like they’re seen and heard by you and your brand – and try to generate content that makes them feel part of that.

3. Authentically good.

There’s no shortage of bad news available – and it’s in your face everywhere you turn. So it’s no wonder that in our surveys, people are saying they WANT good news. They want to hear success stories, and want to feel good. In 2022, try to capture – authentically – those uplifting stories that still showcase your message.

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