We’re inspired by nature. By seeing her colours, feeling her textures. Hearing the sound of a bird of prey (have you heard the Jackal Buzzard? It’s one of our favourites).

So we loved experiencing the thousands of tones of green in the Grootvadersbosch Conservancy recently.

It may be really dry across the Western Cape. But some seriously smart conservation action (including a major invasive alien clearing programme, and some rehabilitation work along rivers here), have played their part in stronger water flows.

Leading the conservation work at the Grootvadersbosch Conservancy


The conservancy’s work is overseen by Aileen Anderson. She’s taken on a huge task, including launching a series of wonderful mountain biking trails across the 35,000 hectare conservancy. (And she often takes cyclists on these herself).

Also overseeing the invasive management and restoration work. And facilitating training for the many project participants.

The joy… and the pain. And staying the beautiful Strawberry Hill Lodge.


We got to experience the joy sparked by the new mountain bike routes (and some of the pain of mountain bikers looking to up their fitness levels).

The stay in the recently completed Strawberry Hill Lodge was luxurious. It’s a 4-bedroom house – each room with its own huge bathroom (many of these rooms have the best views you’ll ever see, overlooking the vast valleys of the conservancy).

The kitchen area provides ample space for those who love cooking. And the living area is a wonderful space to connect, relax (and enjoy Inverroche gin).

The best bit

It’s the starting point for many of the mountain bike trails (at the Conservancy’s office). And is a few minutes away from the Grootvaderbosch Nature Reserve – a hiker’s utopia.

Looking forward to our next visit to this very special part of the Western Cape.

Heather is our content writer. She enjoys helping our clients formulate their message and loves to run her way across beautiful mountains, to explore new places and is always ready for an adventure.

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