How do you capture the essence of a landscape initiative? (And what exactly is that?)


Well, that was our brief: make the Agulhas Biodiversity Initiative come alive digitally for partners (and make sense for those who don’t know the organisation). The Agulhas Biodiversity Initiative (or ABI for short) is a landscape initiative – one of just nine listed in the Western Cape (they are partners in the Cape Action for People and the Environment programme).

In really simple terms, these organisations protect their unique environments by taking a landscape-level approach.

For ABI, this means bringing partners in government, land users, NGOs, conservation authorities and others involved in agriculture and conservation together in the Overberg district.


The aim? Plan together, strategically, break down silos, and support each other to reach our common conservation goals.


It really makes perfect sense.


And in an era where resources are often limited, is an excellent way to optimise those resources.

For our digital team, it meant capturing a fairly unfamiliar (and sometimes obscure) concept, and simplifying it to make sense for new visitors. Oh, and of course exciting the current ABI Partnership to become even more involved and inspired.

Many of the site’s readers are not first-language English speakers. So the language had to be accessible and easy to connect with.

That also meant the visuals on the website had to be outstanding.


And so we worked with fantastic photographers from the Overberg (like Sharon Brink, Evan Eifler and Adrianne van Wyk), while also making use of our own LoveGreen pics.

The website had to make it as easy as possible for new members to join ABI. The site now has a simple sign up form – and already new members have come on board.

“This site captures the heart of LoveGreen – an awesome green project that allows anyone in the Overberg (individuals or organisations) to get involved in conservation.”


Heather is our content writer. She enjoys helping our clients formulate their message and loves to run her way across beautiful mountains, to explore new places and is always ready for an adventure.

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